Tips and Natural Resources for fast Hair Growth

Did you know that onion affects the hair follicles on our scalp? Adding this bulbous plant to your usual shampoo will not only improve blood circulation, but also make your hair stronger and grow faster.

Many of us want our hair to look healthy and beautiful and that it is long and strong. It is a common misconception that it is difficult to grow our hair naturally faster. This means that many people use chemical products and this is not only a waste for your hair, but also for your wallet. What if I told you that you can really grow your hair faster without having to spend all your money on such products? With the following simple tricks you ensure that from the root healthier and better fed and as a result, will grow faster.

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Aloe Vera

This amazing plant is praised for its many benefits for the skin, the body and of course the hair. Aloe vera can help keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong and stimulates hair growth.

How do you use it? Remove a stem from the plant, cut it in half and remove the gel. Chop the stalk into pieces and let it soak in water for one night. Use this water the next day to wash your hair. If you do this several times a week , you will notice that this has a positive effect on your hair.

Potato water

It is known that the potato is rich in nutrients, which we can use in this case for the benefit of our hair.

How are you doing this? It is very simple. Use the peels of a few potatoes, place them in boiling water and let it stand for a while until the water is lukewarm. Wash your hair as usual, but use the potato water to rinse your hair for the last time . If you do this two or three times a week, you will soon see positive results.


Although many people think this method is not effective, it is important to note that egg is not only a rich source of essential proteins for our body, but also contains a large amount of vitamins that are good for our hair and hair growth.

With this simple mask of proteins you can ensure that your hair grows faster. Use the protein from a few eggs and beat it. Apply the whipped egg white as a mask to your hair, then sit for thirty minutes and wash your hair as usual. You will immediately notice a positive difference. Repeat this twice a week for a faster visible result.


Olive oil

The use of chemical products, environmental pollution and the use of hair straighteners or hair dryers can all result in your hair becoming dry and this can be very annoying. If you want your hair to look healthy and hydrated, apply an olive oil mask to your hair once a week and then wrap your hair with a lightly warm towel. Remove the towel when it has cooled down, but leave the olive oil in your hair until the next day. This mask provides your hair with the moisture it needs and will, over time, ensure that your hair will grow faster.


This herb has properties that can awaken the scalp and allow your hair to grow. Use an infusion of rosemary in either olive oil or wine vinegar to rinse your hair and leave this infusion in your hair. The rosemary plant provides your hair with nutrients that not only ensure that your hair grows faster, but also keep your hair healthy.

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